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    American scientists have created a humanoid robot that explores sunken ships at the bottom of the ocean

    The robot has already descended to a depth of about one kilometer.

    Stanford University researchers have developed a humanoid robotic diver, OceanOneK, that transmits the sensations of being submerged in water to its operator. Thanks to this, it can be used to perform various and fairly accurate manipulations under water.

    The robot is equipped with tactile (touch) feedback technology, thanks to which the operator can feel the water resistance and the contours of the found artifacts. The robot also has 3D vision and eight multi-directional thrusters to help it maneuver carefully around fragile wrecks.

    OceanOneK has already worked on real underwater objects: it has explored the sunken Beechcraft Baron F-GDPV aircraft, the Italian steamship Le Francesco Crispi, a 2nd century Roman ship off the coast of Corsica, a World War II P-38 Lightning aircraft and the Le Protée submarine.

    OceanOneK grew out of the OceanOne project – its predecessor could descend to a depth of no more than 200 meters. In order to increase the device’s immersion depth, the robot’s body was modified using a special foam that includes glass microspheres to increase buoyancy and combat pressure.

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