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    AMD Introduces Noise Reduction Technology and Up to 92% OpenGL Performance Improvement in Latest Drivers

    AMD has officially released its latest software drivers, which add support for noise reduction technology and deliver up to 92% OpenGL performance improvements.

    AMD has officially unveiled its Radeon Software drivers that add support for this technology and aim to be a direct competitor to NVIDIA RTX Voice, which works with both GeForce RTX and GTX products, while Noise Suppression will work with Radeon RX 5000 series and above.

    AMD Noise Suppression reduces ambient background noise for greater clarity and improved concentration, whether you’re focusing on an important meeting or playing competitively. Using a real-time deep learning algorithm to reduce background audio noise, this new feature works for both your input and output devices on any AMD-based system, removing unwanted background noise captured by your microphone or someone else’s device.

    In addition to noise reduction, the new software drivers also provide up to 92% performance improvements in OpenGL games like Minecraft. AMD didn’t mention any other OpenGL games other than Minecraft, but it’s likely that this is the only time the red team has seen the biggest performance improvement with the new drivers. If you’ve been lucky enough to play older OpenGL games, then you’ll probably see a nice performance boost, but not as big as the 92% that AMD touts for Minecraft.

    In addition, AMD has also expanded and optimized its Radeon Super Resolution technology, which now works with Radeon RX 5000 and RX 6000 laptop GPUs. The company has also made additions to its Radeon Boost VRS support list, which now includes the latest games such as VALORANT, Elden Ring and Resident Evil Village. To get the latest 22.7.1 software drivers from AMD, you can go to the official driver page here.

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