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    AMD explains the difference between mobile Ryzen 7040H and Ryzen 7040HS

    The Ryzen 7040 mobile APU line raised the question: what is the difference between the options with the suffixes “H” and “HS”? If in the case of the similar Ryzen 5000 and Ryzen 6000 the difference was in the power limits, 45 and 35 W, respectively, then the Ryzen 7040H and 7040HS have the same limit, and the operating frequencies are similar.

    AMD recently updated the website and the differences are clear. As it turned out, it’s all about regional availability. H-versions – only for the Chinese market, HS – for all other countries.

    Let me remind you that the Ryzen 7040H / HS processor line includes options with 6-8 Zen 4 cores and 12 GPU CU units on the 3rd generation RDNA architecture. The nominal TDP level is 35-54 W, but there are special versions where the limit is increased to 65 W. They can be found in laptops without a separate video card.

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