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    AMD developed AM5 cooling concept with evaporative chamber in heat spreader, but cost was high

    GamersNexus’ first video of the visit to AMD’s Austin, Texas, USA site provided interesting details of AMD’s previously unknown plans to release additional X3D models in the Ryzen 5000 line. All the details of the visit were published over the weekend.

    In the hour-long video, colleagues talk about what AMD is doing in Austin. From getting the first samples and testing I / O (PCI Express, NVMe, USB, EXPO) to analyzing errors at different levels (case, substrate, die itself)

    Today, new cooling solutions are being developed and tested for new generations of Ryzen, and AMD has interesting concepts for the Ryzen 7000 line that have not reached mass production due to excessive complexity and price. The issue of heat spreader thickness for Ryzen 7000 processors was raised again. Grinding to reduce the thickness has its advantages, but only full scalping allows you to get rid of the extra layer when dissipating heat.

    “Why not install an evaporation chamber in the heat distributor?” AMD thought. Moreover, the developers knew very well that the processors would work with a TDP of up to 170 watts. Therefore, a heat distributor containing an evaporation chamber has been developed. The edges and 16 posts provided enough strength to withstand the pressure of the cooler. In the lower part of the chamber, the liquid evaporates, in the upper part it condenses. To increase the volume of the evaporation chamber, the heat spreader was made larger than the usual copper version, which can be clearly seen in the video.

    In the video, AMD does not provide specific temperatures after installing such a heat spreader compared to a conventional copper option. But still indicates that the temperature difference was 3 °C. The price of the evaporation chamber simply does not justify such a small decrease in temperature.

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