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    All maps available in the Overwatch 2 beta

    Overwatch 2’s beta test brings with it a mountain of new content for players to try out, including four maps, a hero, and a game mode. Everything has to be updated to the sequel’s new game engine, though, so some parts of the base game haven’t made it to the initial April 26 beta test. 

    Developers seem to have focused their efforts on the sequel’s massive maps, like New Queen Street and Circuit Royal, as well as updating previous maps with “time shift” makeovers. Considering the amount of work this takes, some maps are currently not available in the beta. 

    Here are the maps that are available to play in the April 26 beta and the ones that are currently missing, likely on the docket for map designers to revamp before the game’s eventual full release. 


    • Lijiang Tower 
    • Oasis 
    • Ilios 


    • Dorado
    • Route 66 
    • Watchpoint: Gibraltar 
    • Circuit Royal (new) 


    • King’s Row 
    • Eichenwalde 
    • Midtown (new)  


    • Colosseo (new)  
    • New Queen Street (new) 

    Control classics Busan and Nepal are not included in the current beta rotation. Neither are Havana, Junkertown, and Rialto under the Escort banner. Hybrid map enthusiasts will be missing Numbani, Blizzard World, and Hollywood this time around. 

    Overwatch 2’s new game mode, Push, has entirely replaced Assault. Don’t expect to see maps like Hanamura, Volskaya Industries, or Temple of Anubis until the PvE portion of the game is released. 

    As seen on Dot Esports

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