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    Adventure game CALME Announced for PC and Switch

    Developer NONOHARA WORKS has announced cloud city exploration adventure CALME for Switch and PC via Steam. However, the release is still far away, the game will be released “in 2024 or later.”

    Here is a synopsis of the plot of the game with official website.

    City on the rocks, living with the Cloudy Sea. The action takes place in a small town on a cliff called Tranquility. At the foot of the cliff you can see the horizon of a cloudy sea that never dissipates. There is mist over the rocks in the distance. This city has cloud sea fishermen who make a living by catching creatures from the cloud sea. What is hidden behind the mysterious cloudy sea and the city? This is a story about the unique inhabitants of this harsh but beautiful town on a rock.

    See gameplay footage below.

    As seen on PlayGround

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