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    Adorable Dicey Dungeons gets free DLC and mobile release

    Dicey Dungeons is one of those indie games made with soul. In the three years of its existence, it has become something of a cult game. Captivating visuals, a unique concept and addictive gameplay have ensured the game’s continued success, and after several releases for Nintendo Switch and Xbox, Dicey Dungeons is finally coming to iOS and Android mobile platforms. In addition to the new platform, the game will also receive a free DLC called Reunion, which will give players 4-5 hours of new gameplay, consisting of six episodes.

    Game creator Terry Kavanagh announced this on his Twitter today – he is also known for creating other games such as VVVVVVVV and Super Hexagon. Kavanagh has cemented his place as a prolific game designer in the indie space, so it’s great to see his games continue to live and surround the community long after they’ve been released.

    Dicey Dungeons not only works well on mobile devices, but its gameplay is very well suited for this platform. Roguelikes are great for playing in short bursts, and because the game is turn-based, you don’t have to be glued to the screen every second if you don’t want to. This makes Dicey Dungeons the perfect game to play on your phone while driving, or when you’re waiting at the traffic police, or when you’re literally doing everything else.

    Kavanagh even confirmed in replies to his original tweet that you can easily stop in the middle of a game and continue later without losing any progress.

    As seen on PlayGround

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