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    According to the creator of “Babylon 5”, one of the leaders of Warner Bros blocked the return of the series for almost 20 years

    Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski said that one Warner Bros. stopped the long-awaited return of the series. Fortunately, this man has already retired.

    Taking to Twitter ahead of the series’ Blu-ray release, Straczynski spoke about the reasons behind Babylon 5’s recent resurgence.

    There was one person at the studio who hated everything related to Babylon 5 and for almost 20 years prevented anything from being done with the series. As soon as this man finally retired, the floodgates opened. I don’t want to stop there because we are moving on and now is the time to celebrate. The past cannot be changed or challenged; we move on and make sure that the obstacles that we have overcome are just obstacles that we have overcome.

    Despite this executive, it looks like Warner Bros. was very interested in the return of “Babylon 5”. In fact, it wasn’t Straczynski who took the first step.

    They called me. Thus began the reimagining and animated film. And all the Warner people I dealt with were positive and friendly.

    The upcoming Blu-ray release of “Babylon 5” is just the beginning. The long-awaited Babylon 5 reboot is gaining momentum, and Straczynski confirmed that it is currently on hold “pending WGA issues.” However, the fact that it’s in the script phase is good news and could mean a return to Epsilon Eridani… after all.

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