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    According to rumors, Starfield will receive an unofficial Russian localization

    The head of Tvsoft inc., which is currently developing a digital distribution network for games, Yuri Podolsky, citing his insiders, said that Starfield will receive an unofficial Russian localization, but so far in text format:

    A little insight on Starfield! As you know, the game developer Starfiled – Bethesda Softworks canceled the Russian localization of the game, and the Russian localization and voice acting studio GameVoice refused to take on the localization of such a large-scale project. Despite the refusal of the GameVoice studio, Starfiled will still be translated into Russian in text format by one of the major localization studios, whose name we do not have the right to disclose. Back on June 29, we at Netmax agreed to resolve this issue with one of the game localization companies and a number of online media.

    The author promised to reveal more details closer to the release of the game on September 6th. Perhaps this will be a translation from Logrus IT, but it is still unknown for sure.

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