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    According to an insider, Dead Island 2 will be reintroduced in the fourth quarter of 2022

    Sources from insider Tom Henderson with knowledge of the plans surrounding Dead Island 2 have revealed that the game will likely be re-introduced later this year. While no exact announcement date for Dead Island 2 has been given, the same source said the announcement at The Game Awards later this year would be “make a lot of sense“.

    It is clear that the next part will focus more on co-op play, and several game sessions in Dambuster will be devoted to this feature. In addition, it has also been suggested that the cast is brand new, with 5-6 new characters coming into the game.

    After the initial report on Henderson’s YouTube channel, several new sources reached out to him to confirm claims that the game was in a decent state of development. One source who played the game said that “this is probably the most anticipated game after i played it“. Sources also confirmed the report that Dead Island 2 takes place in several different locations, including Hollywood and San Francisco.

    Following this initial report, Deep Silver and parent company Embrace Group said in a financial call that they “at least expected to be released… next fiscal year“. Since the comments were made before the end of this fiscal year, this means that Dead Island 2 is scheduled to release by March 31, 2023.

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