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    A well-known insider told what to expect from the remake of Final Fantasy 9

    The first mention of this game, which was never officially announced by Square Enix, was in September 2021, when the famous GeForce Now leak took place, but since then, talk about the project has only intensified.

    In anticipation of official statements, well-known journalist and insider Jeff Grubb has added fuel to the fire in the past few days.

    During his recent keynote, Grubb once again confirmed the existence of Final Fantasy IX Remake, a game in development by Square Enix that will bring back one of the most popular chapters in the RPG saga these days.

    However, the details do not end there. Although the wording used is Remake, Grubb explains, the impact and scope of the project certainly cannot be compared to Final Fantasy VII Remake, built from scratch and enriched with new story elements that changed the course and fate of events and characters – we will see this in Rebirth, the sequel. which will be released next year. In fact, the journalist is comparing FF9 Remake to Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, which came out late last year on consoles and PC.

    Judging by the way the project is described, it seems that the remake will simply tweak the graphics and make them modern, without affecting the story and gameplay. What’s more, Grubb reveals that the ATB system in the turn-based combat system that was already present in the original Final Fantasy IX will also be returning.

    Looking forward to an official announcement later next year (Square Enix is ​​now focusing on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth after Final Fantasy 16).

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