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    A Skyrim fan shows off his own hefty book of literature from the game

    In a post on subreddit Skyrim user Best_Stage_8713 shared a number of images of the book, but not just the book. This is a bespoke heavy tome containing books from the game. The 600 pages, deliberately done with a yellowish tinge, give it a more ancient and shabby look. While there is already an official book from Bethesda, some people in the comments asked if they could purchase the book from Best_Stage_8713, but he says it’s one of a kind.

    There are over 300 books in Skyrim, as well as over 800 other pieces of literature such as scrolls and notes. Together they make up a huge lore of the game, most of which fans will miss throughout the playthrough, but some will happily sit and read the backstory of Tamriel and its history. Perhaps the most famous book in the entire series is The Lustful Argonian Maid, which has featured in the franchise since Morrowind and is, as the title suggests, a rather raunchy tale of a young Argonian maid in the household of a certain overbearing master.

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