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    A Reddit user showed a PlayStation 4 console contaminated with cigarette smoke

    Officially released at the end of 2013, the PlayStation 4 game console is one of Sony’s most popular consoles. However, over the years, many players have often complained that when the console is running some powerful games with high performance requirements, its cooling fan starts to run at a high speed, and sometimes even turns off due to overheating.

    While not all PS4 players have the habit of smoking, given the sales of this console, many nicotine drinkers may own this popular console. And if they smoke indoors for a long time even while playing games, they may encounter various hardware problems.

    Reddit forum user Polak5677 recently shared a series of photos of the disassembled interior of a PS4 console on the PlayStation discussion board. He said that the console belonged to an old smoker who had instructed him to clean it. Polak5677 was so shocked by the condition of the console that he decided to post photos of it on the Internet to share with other players.

    Judging by a series of published photos, this PS4 has a layer of orange-brown ash and dirt that has accumulated on the fans, vents, and even many of the internal structures, which seem to have stuck.

    According to Polak5677, although he spent enough time and effort cleaning the dirt and dust, which he successfully removed, the inside of the entire console still exudes a very strong smell of tobacco smoke.

    As seen on PlayGround

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