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    A new PlayStation 5 bug has been discovered that is causing your monitor screen to flicker and burn in

    The Japanese portal jisakuhibi drew attention to a very frightening bug on the PlayStation 5, which can ruin any user’s display. A new bug causes severe flickering in the image, resulting in screen burn-in. As noted, the problem is programmatic in nature and it is very difficult to get rid of it.

    Judging by the messages of players from the forums who encountered this error, the problem is related to the variable frame rate – the VRR function. Users have noticed that if you play in this mode, a quick flickering of the picture may appear. The problem can occur on any TV and monitor, even if there are built-in anti-aliasing features and increased compatibility with the PlayStation 5.

    There is a lot of evidence of a new PlayStation 5 error on the net, but apparently the problem is still not massive. Despite this, technical experts recommend turning off VRR mode and waiting for the next console update. If you are already experiencing this problem, simply disabling the variable frequency feature and changing the screen may not help. According to the players, they continue to flicker even if you connect the PlayStation 5 to a different screen and reset all settings.

    As seen on PlayGround

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