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    A mod for Skyrim similar to the innovative Nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor is available for download

    The most innovative aspect of Shadow of Mordor’s Lord of the Rings game was its Nemesis system, in which enemies rose in rank and power when you killed them. And now how promised creator of Syclonix, Shadow of Skyrim – Nemesis and Alternative Death System available for download.

    With this mod, even the mud crab in Skyrim can become your sworn enemy.

    Any enemy that defeats the player receives a unique name, increased stats, and a special buff as an incentive to track down and kill them. He can also steal your equipment and use it if it’s better than his own.

    The mod also removes death from the game. Instead, players respawn elsewhere on the map with a random debuff that can only be removed by defeating the nemesis.

    Players can have up to five Nemesis at the same time, but that also means five potential debuffs.

    Take a look at the videos presenting this mod.

    As seen on PlayGround

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