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    A glitch in The Sims 4 is stealing years from your Sims’ lives

    The Sims 4 just got a new update, and a glitch that came along with the patch is causing Sims to age prematurely.

    Reports of the problem have been fairly common, according to the Sims Community fan site. Sims quickly go through different life stages – teenagers become young adults, adults become old, and so on. Community testing suggests that moving from a residential lot to another screen, such as a world map or “Create a Sim”, speeds up the aging process, and that the problem is related to alternative lifespan options for Sims.

    The developers are currently working on a fix, but in the meantime they have a workaround for the affected players. As explained on Twitter, “We are currently investigating cases where Sims have automatically aged on saves using short or long lifespans. We recommend temporarily playing or creating new saves with standard/”normal” lifespans while we work on a solution.” .

    There’s no clear indication as to whether you’ll be able to bring back accidentally aged Sims back, so it’s best to back up your saves just in case.

    In addition to the aging issue, the July 26 update introduced a number of new features. The update also changes the phone’s interface, adds a slew of new body hair options to make your Sims furry, and finally allows you to build curved walls. You can find all the details about the planned functions at official website

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