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    A game developer tricked a conference with a talk topic to give a lecture on “Why NFT is a nightmare”

    The game designer fooled everyone with the topic of the talk at BIG (Brazil’s answer to E3) and instead of the topic of “The Future of Game Design”, the speech was on the topic “Why NFT is a nightmare”.

    The developer expected that the speech would not be approved, which is why he told the organizers that it would be about “the future of game design.” Despite the ruse, the audience agreed with him completely, as he was reportedly greeted with applause when he revealed his deceit.

    Game developer Mark Venturelli took to the BIG scene yesterday, saying that he would oppose the introduction of blockchain into games shortly before it starts. And this comes as dozens of gaming companies go all-in on NFT despite the collapse of the crypto market, low developer interest, and the NFT scene itself rife with scams and theft.

    I fooled you guys. The title of my report is not “The Future of Game Design. I had to change it or they wouldn’t approve. Title: NFT is a nightmare.

    Eyewitness journalist Rique Sampaio also says that Venturelli was met with a standing ovation, perhaps suggesting that his fellow game developers weren’t thrilled about the event, which included other web3 speaking engagements. Sampaio also notes that the room was full of promotions from BIG’s sponsor, Ripio, a cryptocurrency company. With such an active crypto presence at BIG this year, it’s no surprise that Venturelli had to be a little vague about what his talk would actually be about in order to get it approved.

    BIG started last Thursday and will continue until tomorrow.

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