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    A 12VHPWR connector fixture is created on a 3D printer to safely bend the cable at an angle

    As reported twice last week, the 12VHPWR power connector, or rather the adapter included with all RTX 4090 graphics cards, is unreliable. At the moment, NVIDIA is personally busy investigating the problem, but the recommendations boil down to the fact that you should not bend the cable near the connector itself. This is not always feasible, practically impossible in narrow cases. As a temporary solution, literally a crutch was invented.

    Enthusiast mikejc shared a schematic for producing a 12VHPWR holder on a 3D printer. “Obviously, bending the cable up to 35mm to the connector can cause your $1,600+ card to melt. The holder ensures that the cable stays in the correct position even when you put the body panel back on,” says the developer.

    In general, the crutch is positioned as a joke, but theoretically the solution is really working. In any case, the approach is frankly collective-farm, and a thorough solution to the problem is required from NVIDIA itself.

    As seen on PlayGround

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