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    343 set to introduce 3 new modes to Halo Infinite, including a battle royale type mode called Last Spartan Standing

    Since the release of Halo Infinite, players have been clamoring for the developers to add new game modes to the game. Much to most players’ delight, for the second season, 343 Industries will be bringing in three modes: King of the Hill, Land Grab, and Last Spartan Standing.

    King of the Hill is one of the most well-known game modes in gaming and has been a mode featured in every Halo since Combat Evolved. But the mode is being altered slightly for its debut in Infinite.

    In this version, players have a control meter that they must fill by taking control of the hill. When a player enters uncontested, they capture the hill and earn one point per second toward their capture bar. Once that capture bar is completed, that player scores a point and a new hill spawns somewhere else on the map.

    Land Grab stays in a similar lane as King of the Hill but is built for team play. At the start of a game, three neutral zones are placed around the map. When a team captures a zone, it becomes locked and gives the corresponding team one point. Once all three zones are captured, there is a short interlude before a new set of neutral zones spawn. The first team to hit 11 points is declared the winner.

    Finally, the mode that most players have been waiting for, Last Spartan Standing. Based on the theme of season two, 12 players are placed on a Big Team Battle map with set loadouts and only five respawns available. This free-for-all mode allows players to upgrade their weapon whenever they get a kill, and in true battle royale fashion, there is also a “danger zone” circle that closes in on players during the match. The last player remaining will be the winner.

    Spartans can try out these new modes when Infinite season two begins on May 3.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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