33 Game-Changing Updates for Sons of The Forest


Sons Of The Forest: 33 Game-Changing Updates Since Launch

Sons Of The Forest: 33 Game-Changing Updates Since Launch

The Early Days

The early days of Sons of the Forest may seem like a lifetime ago, but the changes since launch have been immense. With the game’s release of version 1.0 inching closer, Endnight Games has continued to push out new features, story updates, and exciting advancements in the game. Let’s take a look at 33 of the biggest and best additions to the Early Access version of Sons of the Forest.

New Enemies and Weapons

Since the game’s initial release, Sons of the Forest has seen regular updates introducing new enemies and weapons. From the bone-wielding Elise to the manic spearman Eddie, players have had to adapt to new threats with each patch. However, Patch 7 brought relief in the form of a new rifle equipped with a Red Dot site, giving players the firepower they needed to face these deadly foes.

Survival Tools and Traps

Survivalists rejoice! Sons of the Forest has seen the addition of new traps, blueprints, and tools to help players fend off the cannibal onslaught. The grind trap, uber trap, and spin trap are just a few of the deadly contraptions now available to players. Additionally, the pickaxe has proven itself as a must-have tool, allowing players to collect new types of ore and explore brand new cave systems.

33 Game-Changing Updates for Sons of The Forest

Exploration and Transportation

With the game’s massive map, players needed efficient ways to explore and travel. Patch 1 introduced the hang glider, providing players with a sleek aerial vehicle to scout ahead and navigate the expansive island. The addition of drivable golf carts in Patch 7 and the night V electric unicycle in Patch 3 brought even more options for transportation, making traversal across the map faster and more entertaining.

Base Building and Home Upgrades

From solar panels to electric fences, the options for base building and home upgrades in Sons of the Forest have expanded considerably. Players can now use wires, light bulbs, and even powered crosses to create their own electrified sanctuaries. The introduction of new furniture, including the gore chair and gore couch, alongside the addition of solar panels and modern lighting options in Patch 3, gave players more ways to customize and improve their home bases.

Ending Updates

The game’s final moments have undergone significant changes since launch. Originally, players faced hordes of demons, watched a chaotic final cut scene, and made choices about their character’s fate. However, with various patches, players now contend with a showdown against a gigantic demon as well as a formidable final boss, adding new layers of challenge and excitement to the game’s ending.

All in all, the journey of Sons of the Forest since its launch has been nothing short of exhilarating. With each update, the game has evolved, delivering new thrills, challenges, and immersive experiences for players. As version 1.0 approaches, fans of the game can look forward to even more adventures and game-changing updates on the horizon. It’s time to gear up, prepare for the unknown, and embrace the ever-evolving world of Sons of the Forest! 🌲🎮

33 Game-Changing Updates for Sons of The Forest