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    3 Kwangdong Freecs players test positive for COVID, LCK team to play remotely this week

    COVID-19 is once again knocking on the doors of teams in the LCK.

    Kwangdong Freecs has announced that three of their players, Kiin, Ellim, and Hoit have tested positive for the virus today and will compete in the LCK remotely this week.

    Leading up to the 2022 LCK Summer Split, the league revealed that from now on, pro League of Legends players that test positive for COVID-19 are allowed to participate in matches remotely from a quarantine facility. In cases like these, referees won’t be sent out to the quarantine facilities, but camera and sound checks will be used to monitor players and “prevent cheating.”

    The league had many issues with the virus during the 2022 LCK Spring Split. Mulitple teams recorded positive cases among their players and staff members, which forbid them from fielding a full roster for matches. This led to teams playing with substitutes or, in some cases, forfeiting matches.

    Fredit BRION was one of the teams that had to use their entire LCK CL lineup in a game against T1 after all the players in the main squad tested positive for the virus. T1, on the other hand, had four of its players test positive just a day after winning the split.

    Having three players compete remotely will likely impact Kwangdong Freecs’ performance this week. The team is currently eighth in the table with a 2-4 score and will face Fredit BRION and KT Rolster this week. In their previous matchup, they ended T1’s record-breaking streak.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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