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    2v4 Competitive Stealth Game “Mission Zero” Starts Technical Test for PC and Android

    NetEase Games has announced that they have begun technical testing of their upcoming 2v4 competitive stealth game “Mission Zero” in select regions. In addition, NetEase Games announced that players can now pre-register ahead of the launch of Mission Zero on PC and mobile.

    Mission Zero is a 2v4 competitive stealth game where one team takes on the role of Sirius (Invaders) and the other team takes on the role of Mobius (Pursuers).

    The final release of the game will be cross-platform for Android, iOS, and PC, although iOS will not be available during technical testing. The technical test will be equivalent to a small beta testing where players will have the opportunity to experience the current version of the game without any in-app purchases and their progress will be reset in the final release.

    In Mission Zero, the four Siriuses confront the two Moebiuses. Sirius players must hide from Mobius agents by using disguises that allow them to resemble NPCs in every area, allowing them to dress up as a janitor, waiter, cook, or whatever. The Moebiuses must capture Sirius by identifying which characters stand out and using powerful abilities to confuse them.

    Mobius agents are outnumbered but find it easier to work as a team to combine their unique traits and abilities as they belong to certain archetypes.

    As seen on PlayGround

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