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    2D side-scroller Shutter Nyan! Enhanced Edition coming to Switch and Steam in October

    Game publisher CFK announced today that Shutter Nyan! The Enhanced Edition, a unique 2D side-scrolling action game, will be officially released worldwide on Nintendo Switch and Steam. The game will release in October 2022.

    Compared to the original Steam version, Shutter Nyan! The Enhanced Edition offers various gameplay improvements and a new story, and adds the Nintendo Switch to its release platform. In this game, the player will become a cat and explore the unknown world with a magical camera that can copy and paste objects.

    Using the magic camera, the player and the cat will freely explore the various stages, creatively using the captured objects, including creating a platform in the air and attacking the enemy. The game also features a number of collectibles such as posters and costumes, as well as several endings that the cat can encounter depending on how the game is played.

    As seen on PlayGround

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