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    14th Generation Intel Core Processors Meteor Lake Will Get Fewer Cores

    Next year, the LGA1700 socket will be replaced by LGA1851. As usual with Intel, the new socket will support 2 generations of processors: Core 14th Gen (Meteor Lake-S) and Core 15th generation, codenamed Arrow Lake-S. The WCCFTech resource got hold of some details about future Intel chips.

    Like AMD, Intel decided to adopt a multi-chip layout. Already in Meteor Lake, separate crystals with x86 cores, system logic, and a graphics unit will be used. A similar approach is attributed to Arrow Lake.

    Surprisingly enough, Intel decided to withdraw from the “nuclear race”. Core 14th generation will receive a maximum of 22 cores: 6 productive Redwood and 16 energy efficient Crestmont. For reference, the Core i9-13900K has an 8/16 formula, that is, 24 cores in total. It looks like the performance gains will come from architectural improvements. The 15th generation Core (Arrow Lake-S) will catch up with the current Intel chips in terms of the number of cores: 8 powerful and 16 low-power cores.

    The report also mentions models with a consumption level of 35, 65 and 125 W, but knowing Intel, these figures do not say anything at all.

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