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    14 PC gaming deals you should check out before Amazon Prime Day ends

    When Amazon Prime Day ends you don’t want to be filled with regret, do you? That could obviously mean multiple things; for example, you don’t want to be the poor sap who wakes up having spent $1,400 on a gaming PC that might have been worth that four years ago, but in the cold light of day is definitely a Prime Day dud (opens in new tab). There are definitely some “deals” to avoid.

    But equally you don’t want to miss out on that one great Prime Day PC gaming deal (opens in new tab) that could complete your home setup because you waited just that little bit too long.

    And with Prime Day coming to a close at 11:59 pm PDT tonight, the window is definitely closing fast. Obviously there are many other sites following Amazon’s lead with summer savings, and they’re going to keep the deals going long after Bezos is in bed, but the Prime Day deals will likely revert to dollar prices wouldn’t want to pay as soon as the clock strikes midnight in Seattle.

  • All Amazon’s Prime Day deals in one place… (opens in new tab) 
  • We’ve rounded up our favorite time-limited Prime Day deals right here, ranking them in descending price order. Start at the top if you’re feeling flush, scroll to the middle if you’re just after a little retail therapy, or all the way to the bottom if you’re after an easy impulse purchase to scratch that little capitalist itch.

    When does Amazon Prime Day 2022 end?

    The official answer is that Prime Day 2022 ends at 11:59pm on Wednesday July 13. But the more complicated answer is that it depends on your time zone. In the US, Amazon Prime Day ends at 11:59 pm PDT Wednesday July 13, which is 2:59 am EDT Thursday July 14 on the east coast.

    In the UK it’s a more straightforward cut off at 11:59 pm BST Wednesday July 13.

    But that’s all for Amazon’s own specific deals, and we would expect to see competing deals from the likes of Newegg and Best Buy hanging around just that little bit longer.

    Feeling flush?

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