13-Year-Old Shocks Internet by Beating Tetris in Record Time


13 Year Old Beats Tetris After 39 Years

13-Year-Old Prodigy Makes Gaming History with Tetris Win

At just 13 years old, Willis Gibson, known as Blue Scuti, has made gaming history by becoming the first person to beat Tetris after 39 years. Using an original NES console from 1985, he achieved an impressive feat by reaching level 157 in endless mode, ultimately causing the game to crash, also known as a “kill screen.”

The Achievement

Blue Scuti’s win is a monumental accomplishment, especially considering that he did not use any software or external help to achieve this milestone. What makes his achievement even more remarkable is that Tetris is notorious for its deceptively difficult learning curve and massive player base. This feat solidifies Blue Scuti’s position as a gaming prodigy.

Personal Triumph

Amidst the historical win, Blue Scuti had to cope with the passing of his father in December 2023. In an interview with the Classic Tetris YouTube channel, Blue Scuti dedicated his win to his late father. This remarkable personal triumph in the face of adversity adds another layer of significance to his accomplishment.

13-Year-Old Shocks Internet by Beating Tetris in Record Time

Global Recognition

Blue Scuti’s remarkable gaming skills have garnered worldwide acclaim. Earlier this year, he clinched third place in the Classic Tetris World Championship, and more recently, he emerged victorious in the Kansas City Tetris Regional Championship Finals. His consecutive wins have coincided perfectly with the upcoming 40th anniversary of Tetris, further solidifying his place in gaming history.

The Impact of Tetris

Tetris, despite its seemingly simple gameplay, has integrated itself into everyday life with phrases like “playing Tetris” becoming synonymous with space-saving techniques. The iconic music theme of Tetris has transcended generations and has become a widely recognized cultural phenomenon. Blue Scuti’s groundbreaking achievement adds to the game’s enduring legacy.

A Heartwarming Conclusion

Blue Scuti’s extraordinary win not only showcases his exceptional gaming skills but also celebrates the timeless appeal of Tetris. His triumph at such a young age underscores the enduring impact of digital art in the form of video games. It’s a testament to the power of determination, talent, and the unifying nature of gaming culture.

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13-Year-Old Shocks Internet by Beating Tetris in Record Time