13 Terrifying Jumpscares in Gaming




Video games have a way of immersing players in their worlds, making them susceptible to perfectly timed jump scares. Here are some of the most hair-raising moments that left gamers trembling in fear.

Resident Evil 7: Jack Busting Through a Wall

The Baker family in Resident Evil 7 sets the stage for terror, especially when Jack Baker unexpectedly bursts through a wall, catching players off guard. The optional scare adds to the tension, making it a memorable moment for horror fans.

The Witcher 3: Hooded Woman Transformation

In The Witcher 3, a seemingly harmless woman in a red hood suddenly transforms into a monstrous foe, delivering a jump scare that defies expectations. The element of surprise in this encounter adds a new layer of fear to the game’s narrative.

13 Terrifying Jumpscares in Gaming

Dead Space: Tentacle Attack

The tentacle monsters in Dead Space are synonymous with fear, but the first encounter with these creatures remains one of the most intense jump scares in the game. The sudden appearance and dragging of the player down a hallway create a heart-pounding moment.

Batman Arkham Knight: Manbat Appearance

In Batman Arkham Knight, the appearance of Manbat catches players off guard while they navigate the game’s mechanics. The seamless transition from routine gameplay to a terrifying encounter showcases the developers’ ability to surprise even the most seasoned players.

Condemned: Criminal Origins: Body in the Locker

Condemned: Criminal Origins combines urban exploration with serial killers, culminating in a jump scare involving a tortured body that springs to life. The unexpected nature of this scare within a seemingly safe zone adds a chilling layer to the game’s atmosphere.

Sekiro: The Ninja Ambush

Sekiro surprises players with ninja ambushes, breaking the expectation of safety even in broad daylight. The stealthy attack from seemingly harmless kite flyers adds a jolt of fear to the gameplay, showcasing the game’s ability to keep players on edge.

Super Mario 64: Haunted Piano

The haunting presence of the mad piano in Super Mario 64’s ghost house remains a chilling moment for many players. The unexpected attack from a seemingly harmless enemy adds a touch of horror to the nostalgic game, leaving a lasting impression.

13 Terrifying Jumpscares in Gaming

Bloodborne: Labyrinth Sage Encounter

Bloodborne introduces the Labyrinth Sage, a psychic enemy that startles players with its sudden appearance and ear-piercing screams. The unique attack style and infrequent encounters contribute to a terrifying experience, adding to the game’s unmatched horror elements.

Prey: Looking Glass Surprise

Prey delivers a surprising jump scare through the Looking Glass station, showcasing a well-timed and creative scare in an otherwise systematic game. The unexpected alien appearance behind the station startles players, standing out as a rare scare in the game.

Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl: The Controller’s Attack

In Stalker, the Controller’s psychic attack defies traditional scares, disorienting players and pulling them into a terrifying vision. The unexpected camera manipulation and psychological impact of the encounter add a new level of fear to the game’s mutant-filled world.

Eternal Darkness: The Bathtub Vision

Eternal Darkness delivers a short but disturbing jump scare in a bathroom scene, leaving players unsettled with a sudden vision. The unexpected and graphic nature of the scare within a seemingly safe space adds to the game’s mind-bending horror elements.

Resident Evil 1: Dog Hallway

The infamous dog hallway in Resident Evil 1 remains a classic jump scare that sets the bar high for horror games. The unexpected appearance of a zombie dog breaking through a window catches players off guard, solidifying its place as one of the most iconic scares in gaming history.

13 Terrifying Jumpscares in Gaming

PT: The Silent Hill Teaser

PT’s legacy lives on as one of the most terrifying games, delivering a jump scare that still haunts players to this day. The game’s ability to lull players into a false sense of security before unleashing a grotesque surprise showcases its mastery of psychological horror, setting a standard that few games can match.

From eerie transformations to unexpected attacks, these jump scares leave a lasting impression on gamers, reminding them of the thrill and terror that video games can evoke. Which jump scare moment gave you the biggest fright?

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13 Terrifying Jumpscares in Gaming