10 Must-Have Game Remakes


10 Remakes For Bad Games We Actually NEED

10 Remakes For Bad Games We Actually NEED

Bad games are often left in obscurity, overshadowed by their more successful counterparts. But what if these games were given a second chance through a remake? Here are some games that have the potential for a much-needed revamp.

1. Yakuza: Dead Souls

Yakuza games have seen successful remakes, but what about ‘Yakuza: Dead Souls’? This bizarre entry in the series deserves another shot. With a new coat of paint and fixed controls, it could potentially transform into a fun brawler with a Dead Rising twist.

2. Dead Space 3

While the Dead Space remake is commendable, ‘Dead Space 3’ could benefit from a complete overhaul. Fixing the custom weapon system and focusing on limb cutting could bring back the essence of the series, offering a more satisfying survival horror experience.

10 Must-Have Game Remakes

3. Enter the Matrix

Despite its flaws, ‘Enter the Matrix’ had some intriguing ideas. A remake with a fresh approach, possibly by a developer like Remedy, could explore the original concept further and deliver a proper Matrix game that fans have been longing for.

4. Devil May Cry 2

As the black sheep of the Devil May Cry series, ‘Devil May Cry 2’ deserves redemption. A Resident Evil 4-style overhaul could turn it into the sequel it was meant to be, retaining the good elements while improving the combat system and level design.

5. Dragon Age 2

Following up the original Dragon Age with a lackluster sequel, ‘Dragon Age 2’ could use a complete remake. Enhancing the story, combat, and character progression could elevate the game to its full potential, offering a more fulfilling RPG experience.

6. Jurassic Park: Trespasser

With the right approach, a remake of ‘Jurassic Park: Trespasser’ could realize its immersive survival horror concept. By refining the gameplay mechanics and focusing on dinosaur AI, a modern remake could deliver a unique and engaging experience.

7. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness

While Tomb Raider games have seen reboots, ‘The Angel of Darkness’ remains untouched. A modern remake with updated controls and a more fleshed-out RPG system could do justice to the original vision, offering a darker and compelling Lara Croft tale.

10 Must-Have Game Remakes

8. Duke Nukem Forever

The long-awaited sequel to Duke Nukem 3D fell short of expectations. A complete overhaul or a return to earlier versions of ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ could result in a badass FPS experience that captures the essence of the classic Duke Nukem franchise.

9. Castlevania 2

Despite its flaws, ‘Castlevania 2’ pioneered exploration gameplay. A remake could either embrace Metroidvania elements for a more captivating experience or explore a 3D action game approach, offering a fresh take on the iconic franchise.

10. Rule of Rose

A lesser-known horror game, ‘Rule of Rose,’ could benefit from a remake that improves upon its immersive atmosphere and story. With revamped gameplay mechanics and updated controls, a modern remake could unlock the game’s true potential.

In conclusion, these remakes for bad games have the potential to breathe new life into overlooked titles, giving players a chance to experience them in a fresh and improved way. Who knows, with the right development team behind them, these remakes could surprise us all and become beloved classics in their own right.

🎮 Keep an eye out for these potential remakes in the future and let’s hope they get the treatment they deserve! Happy gaming! 🌟

10 Must-Have Game Remakes

10 Must-Have Game Remakes