10 Crappy Games of 2023


10 Games That SUCKED in 2023

The 10 Games That SUCKED in 2023

2023 was a year filled with highly anticipated game releases, but it also brought its fair share of disappointments. From botched launches to game design snafus, Falcon from Gameranx brings us his list of the top 10 games that didn’t quite live up to the hype.

Skull Island: Rise of Kong

Game Mill’s “Skull Island: Rise of Kong” lands at the number 10 spot. Falcon points out that aside from being riddled with bugs, the game lacked an engaging storyline and suffered from lackluster graphics and gameplay. He highlights the lack of replay value, making it a clear disappointment for gamers.

The Day Before

At number nine, “The Day Before” fails to impress due to a plethora of technical issues and unenjoyable gameplay mechanics. The overall execution of the game did not align with its initial promises, making it a clear miss in the year’s lineup.

10 Crappy Games of 2023

Walking Dead Destinies

Game Mill’s “The Walking Dead: Destinies” also finds itself on the list. Falcon criticizes the repetitive nature of the game and points out the lack of impactful decisions, rendering the story less immersive than expected.


Bethesda’s “Redfall” takes the number seven spot due to development issues that led to a significant exodus of key staff, ultimately affecting the game’s overall quality. Falcon expresses his disappointment with the squandered potential of the game’s concept and design.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum

Next up is “Lord of the Rings: Gollum.” Despite the beloved IP, the game fell short in delivering an engaging experience. Falcon laments the bland environments, technical problems, and the overall lack of depth in character exploration.

Payday 3

Lastly, “Payday 3” is featured in the number one spot. Falcon praises the game’s improvements in gunplay and stealth elements but highlights significant AI issues and uninspired mission objectives that hindered the game’s potential.

While 2023 certainly had its fair share of disappointments, it’s important to remember that behind every flawed game, there’s a dedicated team working hard to create something special. Here’s to hoping for better releases in the coming year!

10 Crappy Games of 2023

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10 Crappy Games of 2023